New perforating system increases efficiency and sustainability

Aufnahme der neuen Anlage

Investment for SCHÄFER Perforated Metal to reach new markets and industries

Neunkirchen, 2nd February 2023. The new wide press for the SCHÄFER Perforated Metal business unit produced by Belgian manufacturer Soenen has been in operation for a few days now. A first step towards the expansion and extension of the machinery has thus been taken, and the modernisation achieved takes into account the requirements of a constantly growing and changing market.

Aufnahme der neuen Anlage
Were present upon system start-up (from left) – Michael Mockenhaupt (Managing Director of EMW steel service centre), Beate Schäfer-Hennrichs (partner) and Thomas Schmidt (Division Manager for Perforated Metal)

Perforated sheets can be used in many different ways, whether as a façade, sound insulation, sun or visual protection, a motor cover, furniture or as a design object. This makes perforated sheets suitable for a wide range of industries and applications without sacrificing an attractive design.

SCHÄFER Perforated Metal is ready for the future

Thanks to the 500-tonne Soenen wide press, a hold-down device for the sheet to be perforated during the punching process and optimised tool technology, new possibilities are opening up to meet the increasing demands of the market.

The new concept also includes an upstream straightening unit and an integrated unit for trimming the belt edges (trimming unit). This creates the prerequisite for manufacturing more technically sophisticated products in the future and for convincing customers in the highly competitive market through quality as well as offering added value.

In conjunction with the aforementioned tool technology and the hold-down device, SCHÄFER Perforated Metal's production is cost-effective with low tool wear. A new comb pusher concept allows design-optimised perforations directly from the wide press.

Before automatic stacking, the perforated plates go through another straightening process. The result is perfectly flat components, straight from the production line.
The new press meets the latest standards, including in terms of occupational safety, noise reduction and energy consumption. Investment increases efficiency in multi-variant production processes. Long-term safeguarding and the expansion of modern workplaces satisfy ecological, economic and social sustainability considerations.

You can see the new system in action here.

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