A strong family enterprise – yesterday, today, tomorrow

The strengths and the future viability of all SCHÄFER GROUP companies are safeguarded by the active involvement of the owner family.

Maintaining the goals and values of the founder, continuing his aspiration to entrepreneurial autonomy, remaining independent through our own financial initiative – on the basis of these principles, the management can implement a forward-looking and sustainable corporate strategy:

„As the owning family, we must always support the entire group and make reliable, future-oriented development possible through our involvement. We want our values to decisively influence the company as a whole. We have defined guidelines for the management of the business, derived from these values.”

The core principles are:   

  • Our thinking, planning and actions are geared to the long-term
  • We look for, promote and implement market-oriented innovations
  • We want growth, but not at any price
  • We want to keep the risks we take within reasonable limits
  • We will reinforce our capital strength by our own financial initiative
  • We will take on social responsibility wherever it is possible for us to do so
  • We support sustainability in the use of natural resources

Christian values, trust and reliability influence the way we deal and work with our employees, customers and business partners. This approach gives rise to a reliable sense of direction:
We are convinced that we have created a solid, significant foundation for the entire group to be able to meet the challenges of the future enduringly and successfully.