Experience as a trainee at SCHÄFER Perforated Metal

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March 2022. To get to know our company, an internship is just the thing. That's why we offer pupils and students work placements in all our specialist departments and production areas. You will be actively involved in current topics and projects and gain an insight into our processes and procedures. We offer various opportunities to get started: "taster placements" during the holidays, orientation placements for school pupils, basic and specialist internships to accompany university courses, project work or final theses.

School placement at SCHÄFER
Lena Schneider is 14 years young, bright and communicative. At a careers day at school, a SCHÄFER employee gave a talk on the company and this encouraged her to apply for a work experience placement. The various office activities seemed particularly interesting to her. She worked energetically in the sales department at the SCHÄFER Perforated Metal division and was able to gain her first experience of what working life was really like. Many of our former placement pupils later decide to do apprenticeships or cooperative degree courses.  
SCHÄFER Werke: Lena, what was your first impression?
"On the first day I was very excited, but the sales manager came and spoke to me and that calmed my nerves. Besides, everyone was really nice to me right from the start."

SCHÄFER Werke: How did you find the work?
"A lot of it is digital and I worked on the computer. I was with various employees who had different tasks. I was able to follow an entire process: enquiry, making an offer, writing the order and finally sending the invoice. I was in production as well, and, for example, got an idea of what a 10-tonne order really means and what a huge amount that is. I was also given tasks quite quickly that I could work on independently. There was a lot of variety and I could ask questions and learn a lot that I didn't know before."

SCHÄFER Werke: What kind of experience do you think you gained?
"It was fun to learn so many new things and see what it’s like to be at work. It's also exhausting. Working from morning to afternoon, instead of having time off after school, is a big change. In the evening, you wonder where the day went. I have also learned to deal with different people, young and old. At school I only meet people about the same age."

SCHÄFER Werke: Could you imagine doing an apprenticeship here?
"I loved going there in the morning, so I could easily have added another week. So, yes, I could imagine doing an apprenticeship here - but there are still a few years until then ..."

SCHÄFER Werke: Thank you very much Lena - we look forward to you coming back again.

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