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Bicycle garage SCHÄFER WERKE

SCHÄFER WERKE Group trainees have built the company’s own on-site bicycle garage.

Neunkirchen, 4th August 2020. As part of a cross-discipline project, SCHÄFER WERKE trainees have constructed a bicycle garage on the site of the group’s head office at Neunkirchen in Germany’s Siegerland region. This pioneering project has been completed by both commercial and industrial trainees. The garage itself can be used by all SCHÄFER employees as of now. 

The Siegerland is blessed with picturesque natural beauty and this may be one explanation for the apparent boom in outdoor activities the region is currently experiencing. Sustainable mobility is becoming increasingly popular in the hilly landscapes, particularly in the form of Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs, commonly known as e-bikes, regardless of age, purpose and fitness level. For this reason, at the head offices of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group in Neunkirchen, all cycling enthusiasts will now be able to take advantage of a convenient place to park their bikes and e-bikes in the company’s new so-called bicycle garage.

Perforated sheet bicycle garage
Bicycle garage with perforated sheets

Training with an interdisciplinary orientation

Responsible for this ground-breaking project are the young people training as office management assistants, (m/f/d), industrial management assistants (m/f/d) and electronics technicians for operating technology (m/f/d) and engineering mechanics (m/f/d). (Here you find a list of all training professions at the SCHÄFER WERKE Group). An interdisciplinary approach has been the basis of our training for many years and is intended to strengthen the young employees in their own choice of profession, as well as create an understanding for other professions. From the extensive planning phase in Purchasing, covering appearance and design, to insurance and finally to construction with site planning, foundation and actual building work, the entire bicycle garage project was realised by our young trainees. 

The striking building materials used included perforated sheets in stainless steel from the SCHÄFER division of the same name. The visually appealing design is geared to minimum maintenance and maximum access security. The current capacity is 34 places; 24 of which are designated as bicycle or e-bike places and are protected by locking sensors to prevent unauthorised access. A further 10 covered outdoor spaces are provided for motorbikes and scooters. The garage is located on the car park below the main administration building. Access is chip-operated and is possible around the clock.

Bicycle garage detail
Detailed view of the bicycle garage

Company health promotion – garage complements e-bike leasing scheme

The project’s basic intention was to support active employees in keeping with the company’s health management programme. The Group has been running an e-bike leasing scheme for a number of years and would like to encourage staff to become or remain physically active, thus providing a balance to their normal working lives – and not least a benefit to the environment as well.    

Training combines content from a wide range of disciplines

“Theory and practical relevance are very closely connected here. We attach great importance to our young staff gaining as much insight as possible into the company structures and into the very diverse tasks in the different divisions. In doing so, we encourage active participation and direct practical relevance right from the outset. With their bicycle garage, our trainees have done a great pioneering job. We are extremely proud of this successful project and of the skill and commitment our young trainees have shown,” says a very pleased Wolfgang Weber, chief training instructor at SCHÄFER WERKE.


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