Produkt-Überblick Schäfer Werke Gruppe


Tradition in Steel Processing

At our state-of-the-art plocations in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA, over 1,100 employees contribute to the success of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group.
We are a group of companies with over 85 years experience in steel processing. Headquartered in the Siegerland town of Neunkirchen in Germany, we operate all over the world with diversified business divisions. Entrepreneurial spirit, market orientation and diversification have been the driving forces behind our family enterprise since it was founded. Outstanding product quality combined with the state-of-the-art technologies and the close cooperation with our business partners are the foundations on which our success is built.

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As a diversified group of companies, SCHÄFER WERKE offers a wide ranging product variety for very different sectors and applications. Get to know more about our business areas here.

The SCHÄFER WERKE group of companies as part of the SCHÄFER Group

Establishing the company in 1937, Fritz Schäfer laid the foundations for his life’s work and that of his four sons. Over the years, the small factory for the manufacture of metal goods developed into the three companies SCHÄFER WERKE, SSI SCHÄFER and SCHÄFER Shop, which together form the SCHÄFER Group today and are among the largest and most attractive employers in Germany’s medium-sized business sector.  The sister enterprises operate globally but independent of each other in diversified business areas, but make use of the synergic effects within the SCHÄFER Group for the benefit of their customers.

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