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Neunkirchen, 20th August 2019. The SCHÄFER WERKE Group has founded the company VIZUU. With this new business division, the steel processor wants to provide consistent supply chain data transparency for the future. With the aim of streamlining merchandise management processes, the new business will begin by adapting industrial containers to provide information on filling quantity, location and temperature at any time by means of a data logger and a cloud based platform.

Anyone currently transporting goods in large industrial containers, so-called intermediate bulk containers (or IBCs), can only monitor their status to a limited extent. VIZUU will change all that by integrating a data logger with the latest sensor technology into the lid of the IBC cover. The logger will then be able to provide container-specific data, such as information on filling level, location, temperature, pressure and a range of other factors at any time. This will enable all merchandise management cycles to be monitored, from entire fleets of containers to individual IBCs. The logger can also be retrofitted into existing IBCs from any manufacturer. It runs autonomously for two years in standard use and is charged by induction.
Besides the data logger, the core of this business model is a cloud-based platform, where all the collected data comes together. This is the interface to merchandise management and can be integrated into almost all ERP systems. It means users can update their container data at their own determined intervals, can set alarms and forecast early warnings even before potential incidents. This way, the system creates the basis for reliable decision-making. The technical basis for all this is the SAP cloud platform.

“Questions about lost containers, temperature risks for hazardous goods or how much is still inside a particular container can in future be answered quickly and reliably. With the data logger linked to the cloud platform, VIZUU provides a service for its customers with an absolutely unique selling point in terms of commodity management data transparency. Our innovative business model makes us pioneers in a sector usually more characterised by tradition. But as a subsidiary of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group, VIZUU is a logical strategic step towards digital process development”, says Rainer Bröcher, Managing Director of the SCHÄFER WERKE Group and VIZUU GmbH.


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