To Verona on the train!

KSW terminal opening in Kreuztal

Steel products from South Westphalia take the intermodal route to northern Italy

Neunkirchen, 16th December 2019. The EMW Steel Service Centre was among the first companies to use the container terminal operated by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr mbh & Co. KG (Kombiverkehr KG). The new Kombiverkehr KG non-stop connection will enable businesses and forwarding companies to provide the fast and environmentally friendly transport of goods and commodities between South Westphalia and the metropolitan regions of Stuttgart or Verona inside 38 hours. With this new link, Kombiverkehr KG will increase its services to and from Italy via the Brenner up to a total of 148 train departures per week.

“This service is an important contribution to strengthening North-Rhine Westphalia’s no. 1 industrial region and a massive contribution to environmental protection. Rail transport is considerably more climate friendly than road transport and this will also contribute to reliving the pressure on our chronically congested motorways”, says District Administrator Andreas Müller, supervisory board chairman of the KSW, the rail company operated by the Siegen-Wittgenstein local government. The KSW’s partner in operating the container terminal is the Frankfurt-based Kombiverkehr KG, Europe’s largest provider of intermodal transport projects. Among the first regional companies to use the container terminal are Erndtebrücker Eisenwerken and the EMW Steel Service Centre from Neunkirchen.

“We’re connected to the nationwide rail network through the infrastructure provided by the Freier Grunder rail company. With this container terminal and the direct link, we can now transport shipments by rail in competitive time frames,” says EMW managing director Michael Mockenhaupt. “The fact that every trailer we transport using this rail link reduces CO² emissions by two-thirds compared to continuous road transport is a major advantage of intermodal traffic,” Mockenhaupt continues.

KSW and Kombiverkehr believe they’ll be able to convince other companies of the benefits of combined road and rail transport. “A big point in favour is the higher load weights compared to using trucks only. Total permissible pre-carriage and onward carriage weights to and from the terminal are 44 tons, 10 % more than for pure HGV transport. Apart from that, rail transport is exempt from the Sunday and public holiday driving bans that are in force for lorries,” explains Christian Betchen, managing director of KSW and SWCT (Südwestfalen Container-Terminal GmbH).

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