SCHÄFER IT-Systems expands throughout Europe

New sales partnerships strengthen international growth

Neunkirchen, 22nd May 2024. Tailor-made network and server cabinet solutions as well as data centre solutions from SCHÄFER IT-Systems have long been in demand beyond the German market. The company now aims to strategically advance its internationalisation and will significantly expand its sales activities across Europe. New sales partnerships play a central role in providing targeted support to both existing and new customers throughout Europe – always close to the clients and their data centre projects. With this expansion, SCHÄFER IT-Systems is also meeting the needs of existing German customers, who have been requesting the delivery of products and solutions in an international environment for some time.

By expanding into European markets, the company is responding to the increasing demand for its high-quality IT infrastructure solutions, from data centres to edge computing, and reaffirms its commitment to acting as a reliable partner internationally.

"Our goal is to further establish SCHÄFER IT-Systems internationally as a synonym for quality made in Germany, high reliability, and innovative solutions. In this way, we will significantly increase our export share in the coming years," explains Thomas Wermke, Head of SCHÄFER IT-Systems. The strategy is Europe-wide, from Scandinavia to the Eastern European markets to Western and Southern Europe.

As part of the expansion, SCHÄFER IT-Systems plans to intensify cooperation with regional sales partners across Europe as well as the supply to existing customers. This approach enables the company to meet specific market needs. "By combining our portfolio of powerful and energy-efficient products with the expertise of our partners, we can offer solutions precisely tailored to the requirements of the respective markets," says Paul Noack. He joined the team on 1st April 2024 as Head of International Sales and is jointly responsible for implementing the international growth plans.

SCHÄFER IT-Systems' internationalisation strategy is aimed in two directions, explains Paul Noack: "On the one hand, this puts us in a better position to support our existing customers, such as data centre general contractors, data centre operators or end customers in their Europe-wide projects – a request that has been made to us time and again. On the other hand, we also see great potential for generating new business by cooperating with experienced and established sales partners."

Key strengths include SCHÄFER IT-Systems' extensive project experience and its modern and comprehensive product range – from configurable server rack systems to cooling, power, security and monitoring solutions under the iQdata brand. As part of the owner-managed SCHÄFER WERKE Group, the company focuses on values such as quality, innovation, reliability and customer proximity – in future also throughout Europe.

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