Promoting young talent: a decisive factor for success

SCHÄFER WERKE Group offers “Germany Scholarship”

SCHÄFER WERKE Group offers “Germany Scholarship”

Neunkirchen, 18th February 2020. For the market leading SCHÄFER WERKE Group, promoting young talent is not simply a matter of image cosmetics, but comes from a deep-lying awareness of their responsibility for younger generations, currently the so-called generation Z.

For the SCHÄFER WERKE Group – sponsor of a Germany Scholarship – promoting young talent is an investment in the future. German small and medium-sized companies in particular need dynamic, well-qualified professionals and managers so they can maintain their position on the world’s markets and continue to prosper in their industries. The promotion of young talent is an instrument of “employer branding” and consequently an important corporate strategy measure.

Maintaining close proximity to students also holds the potential for cooperating with institutes and other research facilities at universities and colleges, especially in the field of applied research. This can significantly shorten the pathway out of the ivory towers and into the free-market economy. And it’s their lead in know-how that ultimately sets the SCHÄFER WERKE Group apart from its competitors.

At the same time, this promotion of young people also contributes to creating a good corporate culture and strengthens employer motivation in the long term. The knowledge that they are greatly appreciated leads them to show increased commitment, which in turn means they are able to perform much better. Studies show that this can even result in reducing cases of “burn-out”, a frequently diagnosed phenomenon in our fast-moving times.

SCHÄFER is well aware that “the promotion of young talent is an indispensible building block for achieving sustainable economic growth with healthy and motivated employees – our most important resource“, says Stefan Homrighausen, head of Human Resources at the SCHÄFER WERKE Group. That explains why the Siegerland enterprise invests in the specialists and executives of the future with such foresight and anticipation – most recently as a sponsor of the Germany Scholarship.

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