Partnership with SAP

Hartmut Thomsen, President of Middle and Easter Europe (MEE) at SAP

Europe’s largest software manufacturer in cooperation deal with VIZUU

Neunkirchen, 5th September 2019. For its IoT-based platform solution, VIZUU GmbH, subsidiary of the globally operating SCHÄFER WERKE Group, is putting its faith in the systems of software giant SAP. Using data loggers, VIZUU provides its customers with information on their IBC’s filling amount, location, pressure and temperature, among other features, and thus demonstrates the potential for optimization in their merchandise management. SAP provides the Cloud landscape and enables integration into all standard ERP systems.

With its data loggers installed in the lids of industrial bulk containers (IBCs), VIZUU can determine up to 20 different container-specific values. Using an intuitive user interface, these are then mapped on the SAP-based Cloud Platform, and, if required, permanently fed into their customers’ merchandise management systems. The IoT solution is compatible for use with all standard ERP systems, and also for SAP itself. Though Initially, VIZUU will be equipping SCHÄFER containers, the system is not restricted to a single manufacturer and can also be integrated into existing container fleets made up of other brands. With the data provided, fleet managers can track their goods along the entire logistics chain, identify empty containers or even set alarms to warn about possible incidents, thus optimizing their merchandise management.

“We’re putting our faith in this close cooperation with Europe’s largest software manufacturer, because we need reliability and permanent availability for our highly sensitive processes. By using the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (SAP Leonardo IoT) and SAP Analytics, our customers will also have the most user-friendly front end, which can be integrated into SAP and other ERP systems”, says Rainer Bröcher, SCHÄFER WERKE Managing Director. “VIZUU is responding to the increasing importance of an intelligent supply chain. Our partnership offers our customers solutions for permanent transparency in merchandise management, for optimum use of resources and improved customer service” says Hartmut Thomsen, President of SAP’s Middle and Eastern Europe region (MEE).

The goal is smart IBCs with relation to process optimisation and IoT. SCHÄFER’s own aspiration was to find an intelligent solution to make the merchandise management processes transparent which could then be made available to users in their own ERP systems. The first step was to develop hardware to provide all the necessary information, such as filling amount, location, pressure, and temperature etc. Once customers have had the data loggers retrofitted into their IBCs’ lids, the devices can send the generated information to the user independently for two years.


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